Monday, November 7, 2011

Never Say Never

You've all heard the saying.  I've even used the phrase.  When I use the phrase these days it takes on more meaning then it use to two years ago.  The fact that we have this guy is proof.
One should really think twice before using such a very definitive word like never.   Just like I was never going to have my babies close together, and subsequently had two babies no more than fifteen months apart.  I was also never going to be a dog owner.  I didn't want the hassle of puppy training, chewed up shoes and furniture, needing a dog sitter anytime we wanted to get away, having to worry about getting home to let him out after a few hours, and on, and on.  I've learned  that hard won opinions can really change when there are children in the mix.  Wilson came into our family after my girls spent a couple of night with their Aunt who's Poodle had just had puppies.  The kids loved snuggling those little guys so much.  A few weeks later they were there again.  This time the puppies were walking and playing around, so even more adorable and fun.  When we arrived to pick the girls up, they couldn't wait to show us all the real live toys they'd been enjoying over the past couple of days.  They introduced them by name, one by one, and explained their personalities.  When we met Wilson, he was lovingly being cradled in the nook of Eden's arm.  It was the first time I could remember seeing my third born behave so tenderly toward anything.  Even with baby dolls she had never displayed such a softness.  Something in my heart broke at that moment.  It filled me with pleasure to see her behave in such a way.  Add to that the fact that this puppy was not like all the rest, who were nipping, and jumping, and really active.  Wilson (originally named Yorkton by my nieces and nephews), was so laid back and content just to hang out and be carried around.  Needless to say I was done for.  It didn't take much convincing for me to agree to the responsibility of a new baby in the house.  He was such a good puppy though, that the transition went quite smoothly.  He trained within about two weeks, has learned a fair number of tricks, and has never chewed on shoes, or furniture.  He has mangled a toy or two, and a DS game (that was a hard lesson for our oldest to learn), but that's it.  Even though I say I wouldn't mind if he went to live with someone else, I can't help but wonder if I'm really fooling myself by thinking such a thing as I notice how many layouts I've completed where he is the subject.

Never say never?  You bet, not unless you're prepared to consider the alternative *smile*.

And now for the winner of the giveaway. 

Congratulations AubreyLaine.  Check your email for a snail mail request from me.

For the rest of you, do not despair.  I'll be posting another give away later this week, so check back often.

Happy Monday all, I hope the week is looking good for you.  Thanks, as always for stopping by today.

♥ S.
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antenucci said...

Some great dog layouts - especially for a non-dog owner! LOL

Congrats on the job - don't spend more than you make, I'm sure I would totally.

Love your wreath you made!

So glad to see your layout on SEM today.

glorygirl said...

Awwww.....such a cutie, that Wilson is!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ah Wilson... Reminds me a lot like our Gracie.... They add so much to your life!