Sunday, November 27, 2011

Go Blue!!!

In our house
today is all about the
Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
D and I are big fans of our local football team.  Three hours of our day today, will be spent cheering on our favorite Canadian Football Team with friends.  The Blue and Gold as they're often referred to have had a spectacular season this year.  They came out with a bang and spent seven weeks at the top of the standings.  There was some faltering in the mid-season, but they got right back on track to earn their spot in the biggest Canadian sporting event of the year, the Grey Cup. We are so proud of these guys, many of whom are our brothers in Christ.  They've worked very hard, and sacrificed a lot to get here.  Time away from home for many who are from the US, time away from their home church, and close friends.  These are all factors that play into what shapes these guys and grows them in humility, grace, and character throughout the season.  We are so thankful for our friend, Lorne Korol.  He's the Blue Bomber chaplain.  He encourages these guys with scripture, and teachings throughout the year, reminding them of the God who created them, and like Ephesians 2:10 says "prepared good works for them to do in advance".  Football is just one of those good works.  It's their job, the way they provide for their families.  Their office so to speak, where they live out the plans the Lord has for them.  Where they shine the light of Christ through everything they do, everything they say, and how they act towards their fellow teammates, and opponents in the game.  I pray for their safety today as they play, that the Lord would watch over them, and keep each one safe in body, mind, and spirit.

Go Blue Go!

You still have until midnight (CST) to enter the giveaway posted here.  I'll draw a winner tomorrow morning.  Good luck to you.

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Go Bombers Go!

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