Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Tags

I had a chance to do a little creating yesterday.  I made a few Christmas tags with Echo Park Christmastime papers.

I started a layout also, but now I am stuck.  The design just is coming together as I had planned.  I have to fit a lot of journaling on the page, and want to keep it hidden.  It'll come to me.  For now, it just sits there scoffing at me.  I think part of the problem also is that I'm a little preoccupied in my mind.  There's a lot to accomplish in the next few days and only me to get it done.  Plus there are so few hours of sunshine during this time of year, that simply taking photos of projects can be a challenge.  You must complete the project on one day, and wait until the next day to photograph it.  Well at least, that's how I must do it, because projects take me so long.  Alas, it's called life right?!  Sometimes things chug alone smoothly, and other times you fight just to keep your head above water.  It helps to take time to connect with my maker, asking Him to reveal His will to me.  Asking him to take off my plate those things that are not important, or can be done at another time, or by another individual.  I thank God for his his willingness to be an active participant in my life.

Hope you're in the middle of a  fulfilling week friends, whether or treading water, or putting on the life vest to help you stay afloat.  May you see God at work around you, and know that what you are doing matters.

♥ S. Pin It

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glorygirl said...

Very cute tags! Just wanted to thank you, also, for the words of encouragement on my blog. I was considering playing along at SEM this month and your words reminded me...just posted my layout :-)