Friday, November 25, 2011

Meet the Birthday Boy

This guy makes my life so full.  He's my partner in this journey called life.  He's supportive, giving, caring, funny, intelligent, a lover of golf and football, a hard worker, and mentor to his colleagues.  He's one of the best dads I know and the perfect piece to our Funk family puzzle.  I love him immensely, and consider my life richly blessed because of him.  Things have been super crazy for him these past few months with work, and today is no exception.  In spite of the busyness of his day, I wish him the very best of birthdays.  My prayer is that he'll know the love of the Father, and experience the very best this day has to offer as he works with pride and with integrity to provide for his family.  May he know just how much all of his girls are crazy for him.

Happy Birthday honey!
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glorygirl said... sweet! Happy birthday to your man!