Friday, September 9, 2011


I saw this on Elizabeth's blog yesterday and thought it was pretty cute, and good for a Friday post.  Thanks for the hook up Elizabeth!  Because I write my posts in the morning I decided to do this one last night so I'd have a full day's worth of activity.

Today -
Today I went to get groceries, to the Dance Studio, and to Dollarama
Today I hoped to get a position on the Scrapbook Nook design team
Today I dreamed that one day I would feel like I am where I belong
Today I forgot to watch Isabelle dance in her first Competitive Jazz Class
Today I heard my brave Isabelle (Gr7) say she wants to try out for the grade 8 volleyball team
Today I read an email that gave me hope
Today I watched Rookie Blue, a new fave tv show
Today I said I was happy for my friend's good news
Today I believed that things happen for a reason, and God's timing is perfect
Today I felt a little sad, and a lot happy
Today I wondered how crazy it will be for me while hubby is gone for 2 weeks
Today I bought a lot of tissue paper, a few groceries, and one tall mocha frappuccino
Today I cleaned the kitchen several times
Today I created a couple of cards, and tried my hand at these.
Today I was me
Who are you today? 

Happy Friday Friends, I hope you have a relaxing weekend in store.  

Thanks for popping by!

♥ S.

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xoxo... t said...

Awesome post! I did one over at my blog, too :)

Pam said...

I love this. And your pretty card;)