Thursday, September 1, 2011


Happy first day of September!

I can't believe we're here already.  The girls are lamenting the changing of the page on the calendar, signaling, officially the end of summer.  I have to remind them that we're not done quiet yet, there's one more long weekend with lots of fun in store.  

The other day at My Scrapbook Nook, we were asked what most inspires us when we scrap.  For me, number one has, for a long time been other scrappers.  I have a file saved on my computer of layouts/cards that others have done that I'd like to try out.  It's called 'lifting' in the scrap world.  Now it's important to note, just as in literature, movies, song writing, etc that when and if a crafter has lifted another scrapper's work, credit should be given to the initial creator.  It gets a little muddy when you stop to consider things like page design, for example.  As there really are only a certain number of ways you can put together a 12x12, or 8.5x11 layout  especially when working with primarily 4x6 photos.  That said, however, it is common courtesy, to always mention where, and/or from whom you got the inspiration to try the design, and/or technique, etc.  I have to say, it's happened to me where I've been sloppy in saving a file, and have forgotten to note the name of the scrapper, I've only noted the site I took the photo from.  In my opinion stating it as such is fine.  At least I've made an attempt to credit the individual, and the point is that I'm not taking credit for something for which I was first inspired to do by another.

Anyhow the question got me thinking about a design/technique that I saw Wendy McKee use a while back.  That I had wanted to try, but totally forgot about.  Last night, I changed that.  I knew I wanted to do a layout about me, I wanted to include a photo, and have point form journaling.  I even knew which papers I wanted to use, I just had to choose the embellishments and the design of each tag.  I loved making this layout.  I just love adding bits and pieces to paper, it makes me happy.  Here is Wendy's layout...
and here's my lift...
Rather than have a running element running through my layout as Wendy did with the butterflies, I chose to make each tag it's own free standing creation, using only the colours to tie the tags together.  When I completed the layout, I really felt it needed a frame.  I was going to stitch a blue frame with my sewing machine (shocker, I know, it's not like I don't do that 80% of the time or anything, hee hee - for some reason, it just adds a finishing touch to a layout for me).  Before needle met paper, however, I changed my mind, and decided to ink the edge rather with blue ink.  I think I like this look even better, because it's a little less predictable for me.  And helps to keep me out of 'the box'. (eta: I only noticed now that I see both layouts side by side that Wendy also inked hers.  Had I realized that I probably would have stuck to the stitching just to make it that much more different, lol)   Here are some close up/detail shots.

So glad I did this.  I'm going to frame it and hang it in my scrap space.

I also created this layout for the Aug Sketch Challenge over at the Nook
I used a very old Crate line called Pink Plum. If you look very closely you can make out the faint misting I've done of the flourish on the bottom and the butterfly on the upper left.  It's hard to see in the photo as it's white mist on a banana colour cardstock. 

As for the Design Team Call Top 40 over at The Nook.  It's been a fun couple of days.  I've never spent so much time on my laptop.  It's hard not to, there are 39 women to get to know.  If you know me, you know I love, love, love getting to know people, much to my dear hubby's chagrin, especially when he just wants to get home (think Sunday morning, church, Bears game starting in 30 minutes).  I've met some lovely ladies from all over the world.  And when I say all over, I am, in no way exaggerating.  They come from all over: Singapore, Sweden, Idaho, France, Toronto, Florida, Georgia, Belgium, Alabama, Arizona, The Netherlands, Japan.   Ev. Er. Ry. Where.  It's the best place in the world to be if you're at all interested in this scrappy love fun I so adore.  I don't envy Leah, and her team at all.  These women are sincerely all so kind, and the talent is crazy.  I'm so happy to have met each, and every one.

That's if for me today.  Thanks so much for popping in.  I'd love to know you were here, it would be nice to hear from you too, leave a comment and say "hi".


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Tiffany Heard said...

That's so gorgeous. I think I like your lift better than the original. Great job. I was just popping over from the nook to leave some love and to say grats!

Megan Aaron said...

gorgeous! and congrats on making the nook list!

Nicole Nowosad said...

omg.. that is so pretty! i lvoed wendy's layout.. but yours is super pretty!!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Love both of your layouts Sherri! The taking Photos one is my new fav of yours. I love the colours, the details and all the bits and pieces! Outstanding girl!

Tanya said...

LOVE LOVE the tag LO, in fact I may just have to lift your lift :)

Anonymous said...

Je viens de parcourir ton blog, et je dois dire que je me suis bien régalée. J'ai cru comprendre que tu parlais Français. J'espère que tu arriveras à déchiffrer ce que j'ai dit.
C'est vraiment, vraiment très beau.

xoxo... t said...

Love your take on Wendy's LO! Fabulous!!
And sooo happy for you!

Jessy Christopher said...

You totally did a beautiful job on yr self-layout. Great use of the the tags! I totally can relate with what u r doing, I do keep a file to rmbr certain details on someone elses work. I love to look back and get inspired! Congrats on making onto the top 40! Oh yeah the layout on the sketch is pretty!

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie said...

Love your take on Wendy's layout. I have a hard time using tags in my designs, but I might have gotten some ideas now. Thank you for the inspiration!

Love your take on the Nook Sketch, too. I adore all the pink and how you stretch the design!

Ursula Schneider said...

I think we may be the same girl in different bodies! LOL, I love your style, I love Jesus and I'm glad you've been hanging out at SC