Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Grown

I had a chance to pull out with my new Crate Farmhouse papers yesterday.  They were perfect for this photo of my girls and me.  Remember I mentioned that we were going to go the the Corn Maze on Sunday.  That didn't happen, as everyone else in the city decided they'd go there too.  The place was packed.  We didn't even bother pulling in, as cars were parked virtually bumper to bumper.  Instead we headed just a little further up the road to the river entrance.  We ventured down to the water to discover the coolest looking and feeling earth any of us had ever seen.  It is evident that it was once the river bed back in the Spring when the water would have been as high as the road in many places. Now it was gooey underneath with a bit of a caked on exterior so we could gingerly make our way across it.  Check it out...
Here are a few more photos that we managed to get that day

And here is the layout I made. 

The journaling reads "I can remember when you all were just a wish I had.  So happy being your mom".

That's all I've got for today. Seems like the days are all melding into one these days.  Seems like D is always traveling.  Seems like I'm doing a lot of stuff, but nothing of importance.  Seems like something is about to change.  Don't know what, but I think I'm ready for it.  I'm trying to be in tune with God, trying to be quiet so I don't miss it.

Hope your  day is off to a great start.  Thanks for popping by.

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Lilith Eeckels said...

Love your layout and those pics are fab. Love family trips and yours seems to have been so much fun. Thanks for the pompom tutorial, I might make some of those soon!

Becky said...

i love the picture of you and your hubby! and the journal quote...i'm putting it my fridge so i see it every day. you're such a blessing, Sherri.

Jessy Christopher said...

At one mo looking at ur layout, I dont recall of you having 4 daughters & I looked closely one of them was you! Haha. Silly me. You all look like sistas! Amazing shots of you & the girls of course with hubby too :) love that journaling!

Sasha Farina said...

i'm so glad you ventured out instead of going to the pumpkin patch - this is much more interesting and the photos are much more beautiful and there are no crowds. Means no other people's limbs in your photo! BONUS! :)

so glad we're friends, Sherri.

Tanya said...

FANTASTIC Shots Sherri!! Cannot wait to see all that you create with fun to just venture out and see what you can find!