Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Is Forty

Do you ever create a layout and then think, that's not exactly what I was going for?  That is what happened to me on my last project.  Here is the layout.
I wanted to document my turning 40 in a small way.  So I grabbed this photo and threw together a little journaling with my favourite {aflairforbuttons} flair that I had been saving just for this project.
I had all the right products, and even the design is pretty good, showcasing my style of scatteredclusters all over the page.  I even tucked the journaling away in a tiny pocket as I usually do.
I used the last little bit of my favourite trim.

And this little cluster does indeed make me happy.  But overall something is just out of whack. What do you do when that happens to you?  Rip the layout apart and start over?  File it away and not share it with the world?  Or just move on?  In this case I think it's the white cardstock that is throwing it off.  I love white backgrounds, and I especially love this wood grain white cardstock. But I think I would have been better off going with a shabby chic/scripty type patterned paper on the bottom.  Oh well, I'm not usually one to rip a layout apart, or hide it.  I think it's good to allow the "real us", in my case the 40 year old "real us" to show through our work.  This is me. These are some of my favourite products on one layout to help give just a peek into who I am at 40, the kind of scrapper I am, and the happy condition of my heart.  This set of flair was just perfect to help me showcase this brief moment in time.

This set is also calling my name. 
I really want to do another layout that's a lot more detailed about this past year of my life.  It hasn't been an easy one, and some of these words and images have been exactly what I have been holding on to to make it through to my current "happy" state.

Have you looked through the {aflairforbuttons} Etsy shop lately? Perhaps there's a Lovely Words set calling your name too.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I think it's AMAZING! I am loving the colors, the pocket for journaling and the buttons!!!

Leslie Germain said...

GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, - both the page and you!!! I love it. I create a lot of pages I don't like especially when I am trying something new. But I usually still share them (although sometimes I am a little embarrassed). BUt this page is amazing!!! I love a flair for buttons. And the owner is so nice!!!

ALINE said...

This layout is very beautiful!

Ashley Horton said...

I think it's fab, Sherri!! I love the cute scattered clusters. I have only ever trashed about 3 layouts, but they were REALLY bad!! HA!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Great layout celebrating turning 40! I love your favorite is what caught my eye first! I have also had layouts that just didn't seem to come together but I have never actually torn it you I keep it and go on to the next layout!

Miriam Prantner said...

Wonderful layout! Love that you are celebrating this birthday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Leigh Penner said...

Sherri, I love this layout and don't really know what you're talking about -- it totally works for me! :)