Thursday, March 8, 2012


Meet Craig & Kristine.  They are our neighbours.  We consider ourselves extremely lucky to share a cul-de-sac with them.  Our kids get along well, we enjoy spending time with each other, and we even go to the same church.  Lucky indeed.  Who wouldn't want to live in a neighbourhood where you know the people who live next door, and across the street from you?  One where if something were to happen you knew you were only a phone call away from a help.  That exact thing happened just last week.  My van broke down at the school after picking the girls up.  It worked fine on the way there, but when I went to start it up after they jumped in, the engine just wouldn't turn over, all it did was make a clicking sound.  I knew Kristine would probably be just getting home from picking up her own kids, and may be available to come by and grab us.  Sure enough she was, and she did.  What a relief.  It was a huge help to get a ride, especially since we had the dog with us, but no leash, added to the fact that it  was  snowing,  and chilly.  Plus the kids had 45  minutes to get to the Dance Studio.  She was a real life saver that afternoon.  We are so grateful to have each other as neighbours.  I love that I can peek out my window and see her house, and I know she feels the exact same way.
I got to play a little more withe the new Echo Park This & That Graceful line,and knew this photo wold be a great fit with the colours. 
To adhere the twine I used a few glue dots under the loops and a tiny bit of Glossy Accents along the length of it.  To get the phrase strips to pop up off the page a bit I used tiny bits of Sookwang double sided  tape at various spots along the length of the strip.  The flowers are all layered, two using pop dots for dimension, and one is glued right to the paper.  Each have a brad through the center.

I think it would be so great to get to know the rest of my neighbours enough over the next few years, that I would eventually have photos of each of them too.

Enjoy your day friends, thanks for stopping by,

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Shannon91 said...

I love it ! A beautiful layout !!!

glorygirl said...

What a blessing they are! Beautiful layout to document this friendship. Fabulous stitching! I am in looooove with the This & That Graceful line. Wowzers! Love how you used it here.

Becky said...

It is a gift to have friends/neighbors like that! I'm sure they feel the same way about you. :)

Tara LeClaire said...

Lovely layout my dear! Great neighbours are wonderful.

Danielle said...

Gorgeous layout! And how blessed you are to have good neighbours like them!