Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our little getaway

I had the privilege of spending this past weekend here:
The Fox Hotel & Suites Banff, Alberta
In beautiful Banff with D this weekend.  Because his work's head office for the West is in Calgary we are flown out to Banff to join them at their annual Christmas party.  It's fairly low key, but a nice opportunity to meet the people for whom I hear their names often.  I got some great photos out in the mountains.  I have even better ones from a place called Johnson Canyon just outside of Banff.  D and I had went for a little hike up there on Saturday afternoon.  It was just beautiful with frozen waterfalls, tunnels through the immense rock and the unmistakable beauty of God's breathtaking creation all around us.

It was a lovely weekend.  Sooooo nice to have D all to myself, no pressing agenda, no shuffling to and from here and there, just the two of us surrounded by God's glorious creation.  I'm sure you'll see more photos popping up on layouts soon.  A huge thank you to Mom & Dad for watching the girls for us on Friday, and to my sister-in-law Carla and her kids for spending the rest of the weekend enjoying time with our them. 

In Nook news, I'd like to invite you all to join us in a fun month long blog hop, with a giveaway a day.  Fun right?!  There's so much to be had, and a lot of fun to have along the way as you get to know the Design team, and fellow 'friends of the Nook'.  It all builds up to a couple of fabulous grand prizes on Christmas Day.  Go here to get started.  And check out the Grand Prizes up for grabs here.  Good luck, and be sure to come back here on December 10th, as that will be my day to host the Advent of Gifts Giveaway.

Thanks for being here today.

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xoxo... t said...

Oh, the Fox! How lucky are you! My SIL always talks about Johnson Canyon, she says it's beautiful. Glad you had a great time!

glorygirl said...

So glad you had some quiet time with your man! Every marriage needs that from time to time!!! Sounds like a nice little early Christmas present!

Pam said...

What a wonderful getaway with your guy!! I am a little bit jealous, we could use a trip with no little ones;)

Beautiful place to stay and so glad to hear you guys had a good weekend;)

Kate Vickers said...

Oh, wow! Can I come too? I have always wanted to go to Banff! It looks amazing! My brother lives in Calgary, so I could visit him sometime, but it's so hard with the kids! Maybe when they are older! Have fun! I can't wait to see your pictures! :-)

Monique Liedtke said...

Oh wow, what a fabulous hotel to stay!!! I wish I could go there too, but I guess it's too far away for us. Great you had such a wonderful time!