Friday, November 4, 2011

Handmade Holidays Day 3

Even though I had originally signed up for this class to challenge myself, I had to do a gut check when Day 3 was revealed.  The project for that day was a homemade monogrammed wreath.  Eeek, was all I could think.  This is my problem.  Although I may seem creative, I'm really not all that much.  I recognize beauty when I see it, and can tweak it to personalize it to my own individual style, but coming up with something from nothing is almost always a challenge for me.  Also, working with paper, and working with flowers, are two completely different things to me.  However, as I said, I signed up for this class because I was looking to expand my creativity and push myself to work outside of the proverbial box.  Off to Michaels I ventured, coupons in hand.  Two hours later I had a bunch of supplies, a clean table and was ready to work.  Still nervous about the project, I put it all away, and worked on something else.  Typical me: a little denial, before complete and head on tackling.  On Sunday I pulled it all out again, and within an hour, what I consider to be a very pretty fall decor wreath was hanging on my front door.  I am so sad I didn't think to photograph the process, it would have been fun to share it with you.  I learned, in the end, that putting together a wreath is really very easy.  It took me longer to choose the flowers, berries, and foliage, than it actually did to put the whole thing together (well almost).
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Fleursbydesign said...

Lovely wreath, gorgeous colors!

Tanya said...

Its gorgeous..I love it, now make me one cause I dont think I can make mine look nearly so pretty! :)

Carol said...

this wreath is so pretty Sherri!!!! I love that you tackled something you'd never done before. I sense a new hobby in the works ;) Love the pieces you chose for this, it really is amazing!!!!