Sunday, November 6, 2011

Great News!

I got a job.  Not that I was looking for one, but the opportunity presented itself and I leaped at it.  My dear friend Sharon whom I've spoken of before is opening her second Scrapbook Store; in Winnipeg.  When I heard the news I was super excited for her.  She's such a sweet, sweet woman who loves Jesus and enjoys using her gifts to help others discover the world of scrapping, and documenting their own stories in a fun and creative way.  Her first shop, located in Steinbach, Manitoba (about a 45 minute drive for me) recently moved to a larger, brighter location just up the street from the previous one, and is doing really well.  God's timing is funny sometimes, and by funny, I mean frustrating, bewildering, exciting, and curious all at once.  At the same time as she was getting ready to pack up and move her first store, the opportunity presented itself to open a shop in the city, where so many of customers reside.  Of course she jumped at it, as did I, jump at the opportunity to work for her.  I am so thrilled that I get to be a part of this great big dream of hers.  She had very kind things to say about my working for her, that warmed my heart, and reinforced my desire to share this love of mine with others.  It's a perfect job, perfect location, and from what I can gather, will be a really great team to work with.  I'll only be part time, almost casual for now.  I think 2 days a week is the best of both worlds.  I'm not having to sacrifice my role and responsibilities as a mother, and still able to play with new product, meet other people with the same paper crafting passion as I do, and leave a little bit more of a fingerprint in the world.

The shop is scheduled to open late next week.  It's still just four walls, with some paint and shelving thus far.  There's still a lot of work yet to be done, but just you wait until the weekend : ) 
Here's the sign you'll see if you're local and drive down Meadowood Drive in St. Vital this weekend.

Just had to share my good news with all of you. You still have a few hours to get in on my giveaway.  I'll draw a winner tomorrow.

Happy Sunday friends,

♥ S. Pin It


Lilith Eeckels said...

WOW what an awesome job! Congrats and I'm sure you're going to have a blast!

xoxo... t said...

So so thrilled for you! Can't wait to shop, and what a bonus - I'll get to see you! XOXO!

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie said...

Big congrats, Sherri - what an interesting oportunity! Enjoy the ride of beeing there from the very start :-)

Carla Anne Coroy said...

Congratulations, Sherri! That'll be so much fun for you, I'm sure. It does seem like a perfect fit - just a few hours out of the house doing what you love the most! I'm so glad you have this opportunity. And it's by the mall right?

It's kind of too bad on the other hand though... I was hoping your trips out to Steinbach would mean we could have coffee more often! Oh well...

Blessings to you in this new chapter of life!
love you!

sierrasavannah said...

that's so awesome! can't wait until it's open...i'll be visiting:)

Tanya said...

Sooooo excited for you my friend :) Congrats, Sharon is luck to have you!