Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scraplift Chain Challenge

A few weeks ago I was given the privilege of putting together a Scraplift Chain Challenge over at My Scrapbook Nook.  I am very grateful for the opportunity, especially since, as you know I am not a part of the Design Team.  Games like this would normally be organized by them for all of us to enjoy.  The idea of the game is that, working in teams of ten players each, player one uses a sketch to complete a layout.  Once complete, they then, pass their layout along to the next player on the team.  Player two then completes a lift of the player one's layout, without actually seeing the original sketch.  Player three is given only player two's layout to lift, and does not see the original sketch.  Player three then passes along their lift to player four, and so on and so on until each player has had a chance to complete a layout.  Each player will interpret the layout differently and therefore be putting their own touch on the original sketch without having seen beforehand what the original looked like.  Here is how our team progressed.

Here is the original sketch, created by Nicole Nowosad (one of the Nook's Design Team members for Creative Scrappers (a great place to get inspiration if ever you find yourself in a scrappy rut)).
I was inspired by the clean with a touch of 'messy' of the sketch.  I didn't have any butterflies so I improvised with various other small embellishments.  And, I just had to use that cute Studio Calico tag, so I opted to leave out the circle on the bottom right, to keep my layout balanced.

Marianne stayed pretty true to my layout also, and even included the tag.
Kate added a butterfly also, kept the bulk up top, but centred it, and also kept the layers under the photo.
Monique changed the orientation of her photos, but still stayed true to the design Kate's layout.

I love how LG flipped the orientation of the layout, while still keeping the layers, and embellishments in the same areas.

You can see how Carol kept the same orientation, but shifted the center of balance back to the middle of the page.

Elizabeth flipped the whole thing back again, but flipped the bulky layers to the top of the photo

Lori, without even knowing it managed to create her layout to look almost identical to the original sketch with the tiny tweaks she made to Elizabeth's layout.
Did you notice the one consistent in every single layout?  Each one of us used misting on our layout.  I'd say there's somewhat of a love affair going on with mist in the scrappy world.  It just adds that extra little bit of fun to a layout.  This was so much fun.  I'm thankful that so many people actually wanted to play, and made the time to follow through.  Initially this game was to consist of 10 players, and last nine weeks, as each player was given one week to complete their layout.  We ended up having three teams of 10 players each.  Two of the three teams have already completed well before the 9 week finish date.  I think it all turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.   Anyone up for another round?  I'd be happy to start another round outside of the Nook if anyone else is up for it.  Just let me know in the comments section, and I'll get on it.

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Be back soon with a wall transformation I did last week.

♥ S.

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Nicole Nowosad said...

wow! I had no idea you used my sketch... all the pages turned out fabulous!!

Tanya said...

I would love to play along on the nook or here is fine by me :)

xoxo... t said...

I am totally in if you did it again!
Love all the LO's