Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Door Closed

I found out yesterday that that I did not make the Scrapbook Circle design team.  That makes it zero for three thus far.  It definitely makes me wonder if the door is staying closed for a reason.  Initially when I began this blog it was as a way to share with others my faith, and spiritual walk, along with my love for scrapping.  There are plenty of scrapbooking blogs out there, and some wonderful spiritual blogs out there.  I've yet to see many that marry the two.  It does take some work, and often leaves me feeling a little vulnerable.  There is certainly room for improvement in both areas.  I started applying for design teams for a couple of reasons.  One, would be just to see if someone 'in the business' thought I had talent for documenting my story in a fun and creative way.  The other would be to help alleviate the cost of scrapbooking supplies, by getting product for free, or at a discounted cost.  Who wouldn't want to be able to do what they love for free right?!  After all the nos of various magazine submissions, the nos of contest entries, and the nos of design team managers, I'm beginning to questions whether or not I have what they call 'the right stuff'.  I'm wondering if perhaps I should simply keep my hobby to myself.   It's something I'm going to let marinate for awhile, and see where my heart takes me. Scripture says that "they that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, the will soar on wings like eagles, they will not grow faint". (Isaiah 40:31).  So, that is what I'll do.  I'm not going to get too caught up in where I can go with this hobby career wise.  I'll just keep enjoying the process, catching up on the blogs of my friends, and manufacturers I enjoy, reading my Bible, raising my kids. and living out this life I been so blessed with (even though I want to stomp and scream at times).  I may still submit to calls every now and then, maybe even still apply for design teams, but it will all be with a certain degree of protection to my heart, as I try to not get caught up in the draw of validation, and notoriety.  It's my opinion that when things happen organically, they're just a little more enjoyable.  Besides, if God isn't in it, there's no point anyway.  So I'll just continue to be me, and if a scrappy next step comes my way while I'm doing that, great.  If not, that will be just fine too.

I was able to carve out a little time for myself yesterday afternoon to scrap.  Here's what I created.
Using My Mind's Eye papers, and embellies, The Twinery Twin, and Doodlebug alphas.  Back to my love for hand stitching on this one.

The design for this came together quickly.  I'm not sure I love how the final layout looks now that I've added the journaling.  I find journal placement tricky.  I like to include a lot of it from time to time to capture the story behind the photo, but it's happened more than once to me, that it throws off the overall design once it's added.

This was just a random photo of Isabelle and a few of her friends just before we played football on the Bomber field a few weeks ago.  I love that as much as she dislikes having her photo taken, she's resigned herself to the fact that I'm right: she'll appreciate having photos of herself with her friends years from now.
Using Glee: the Studio Calico September kit featuring Amy Tangerine exclusives.

I'm off to have coffee with a dear friend this morning.  She's a woman, I admire as a wife, mother, friend, and fellow sister in Christ.  We want to dream together, and consider the possibilities for capturing, and sharing the stories of others in our community.  She's been doing it for a year now, but would like to see how I may fit into her vision.  I'm looking forward to dreaming up something new together.

Have a great Thursday friends.  Thanks as always for stopping by.

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Tanya said...

Grow my dear friend, rejection teaches us about ourselves and I admire that you have been willing to put yourself out there ,something I have been unwilling to do...your time is just around the corner and know that you have an admirer in me :) In the meantime like you said enjoy the process of what you are creating for your family

Becky said...

if you don't have the 'right stuff' Sherri, i don't know who does! i'm always amazed at your creativity and challenged by your walk.

Deanna said...

Do not grow weary my friend. Wait patiently. ;) (And honestly sometimes I feel like "wait" is another kind of 4-letter word. ;) It's tough. But hang in there, girl! and for what it's worth, I love your work. ;)

Lilith Eeckels said...

These two layouts are FABULOUS. I know how hard rejection can feel but I believe you should hang in and not give up. I truly believe you are really talented!!!

Monique Liedtke said...

Sherri I just love your stuff and please don't give up! Just take the no and move on ... try again and again and one day you will get a yes! (look at me! I tried and tried and tried). Your work is beautiful!!! but the most important thing is that you must enjoy what you do! Do it for you, because you love to do it!!! the rest will follow!!! Hugs and good luck!

antenucci said...

Don't feel too bad - I've also tried at SC 2x's now with no luck what-so-ever. Plus, everything else is a no. I also wanted to help with the cost of my scrap habit! :) The right one will come along at the right time so just enjoy - I'm trying too.

*a* said...

Just remember, it's not that they are turning you down because they don't like what they see, but because they are probably looking for something very specific that maybe even has nothing to do with anything that sounds logical. I remember doing a small bit of layout stuff (not SB related) and needing to find an article that was short. Passing up other people that were great, but submitted longer articles was hard.
Just keep trying and your chance will come!

Cathy said...

Don't give up Sherri...from experience I'll say there are DTs that fit and DTs that don't and really...if God is allowing you to wait for the right one that fits - that's a good thing!!