Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Little Things

Every once in awhile I slow down enough to take in the joy of the little things.  Tuesday was full of house work, laundry, and a contractor coming in to do some minor touch ups in our master bath.  Yesterday was full of car maintenance, grocery shopping, baking and meal prep.  I sound like a real homemaker don't I?  All that means no scrappy time for me, unfortunately.  I did however, make a quick run to Winner's and Staples to pick up a couple of scrappy goodies.  These little guys make me happy.
The mat is by We R Memory Keepers.  It's self healing, magnetic, and comes with 4 tiny magnets, and an 18 inch magnetic ruler. 

The mouse is from Staples. It's a Logitech.  I've been looking for one forever, but really didn't want to spend the $40.  There were some on clearance for $20, blue ones, grey ones, and this one lovely pik-y, Sherri-like one way in the back.
I'm a simple girl.  Love the little things.  And it doesn't hurt when said little things come in pink.

Hope you Thursday is a great one friends.  It means a lot that you stopped by.

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Sasha Farina said...

that mat + magnets? i'm getting that really soon! heeehee!!