Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pint Size Gift Bags

Ever have to give just a little something as a gift?  A birthday for a co-working, or a thank you for a babysitter, or that friend who went out of their way to give you a hand?  When I'm in that situation I often opt for a gift card or a handful of personally chosen Lindt chocolates from the Lindt store down the street.  The thing I'm always left wondering is how to give such a little gift, but yet still make it feel special.  A regular envelope is fine, but boring and store bought gift bags are often too small and/or too pricy.  Enter the handmade gift bag.

I use to make bags and envelopes by hand by using a pre-bought one as a template.  Now that I have a Silhouette Cameo, however the process is much easier.  I know there are other tools on the market that are great for homemade packaging too.  I used the Office Suite Collection to create this pint size bag duo to have on hand for the next little thank you I will have to give.

The coordinating tag and pinwheel add just an extra special handmade touch.  The tag I backed with coordinating cardstock to make it easier to read.  My plan is to make a few different sentiments to have on hand, with a few different patterned bags, so my girls with have them ready to use when needed also, female and male themed.

I know pinwheels may no longer be the hottest trend, but there is just something about them that spell Summer, and fun, two things most of us can't get enough of, and both of which go perfectly with the Office Suite Collection.

Here are the file numbers of these cuts so you can find them in the Silhouette store, should you decided to try your hand at these pint size bags.

Bag ID: 53920
Tag ID:17073
Pinwheel ID: 2007

Thanks for stopping by today friends, happy Crafting!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So fun! LOVING those pinwheels!!!!