Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

This time of year is one of those that always causes me mild sadness, as my own mother left this world 14 years ago.  We didn't have the closest relationship when I was growing up, but we were headed down a new path with the birth of my firstborn 15 years ago.  My mom, was a wonderful grandmother to our baby girl.  She was so proud, so full of joy, and I think so happy to have a second chance so to speak with this new little person; her baby's baby.  There are still moments when I miss her.  Still times when I wish she could have been around to see my other 2 babies come into this world, especially since my last born is so very much like her.

This is where my mother-in-law comes in.  She has enough love to fill the empty spaces for both me and my babies.  She has a heart as big as the ocean, and loves me and my babies as though I were the daughter, and not just the daughter-in-law.  Her tastes are not expensive, and her needs are few, so when it comes to finding the right mother's day gift for her, it is often a struggle to find something that says "thank you for filling the empty space in my heart".  Somehow anything purchased with cash, just doesn't seem convey my heartfelt appreciation.

This year I decided to make her a gift.  Instead of the usual handmade card (that accompanies her gift of time as we enjoy a big brunch together), I have created more of a keepsake this year using the brand spanking new Summer Sun Collection by Fancy Pants Designs.

There are not many photos of her around, but I managed to gather a handful to create little mini canvases sharing a little bit of my heart for this woman I call Mom.

Just a handful of memories and moments of love captured "on film" for those of us lucky enough to have her in our lives.

Not sure Mom is gonna know what to do with this, but I hope she appreciates the love that went into it.  And if you're reading this mom, just know I love you lots and lots!

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow moms out there, biological or otherwise.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love this!!!! LOVING the colors and the photos!!!!

Leslie Germain said...

beautiful!! LOVE how you used this new fun collection! Hope you had a Happy Mother's day!