Monday, February 10, 2014

Moments In Between

I have almost completed my 2014 Moments In Between album.  All the photos and embellies are in place, but there is still some journaling to add.  I realized that I am way behind on sharing my pages though.  Here is the week of November 10-16.

Only after putting this post together did I realize that I messed up on the days.  Isabelle's 14th Birthday is captured in these pages, but her birthday is actually on November 20th (whoops).  But, I figure it doesn't really matter in the long run.  The dates and pictures lining up every single week is less relevant to me than the fact that the moments have been captured.  Of course I won't let myself get away with this kind of sloppiness every week, but every now and then it's bound to happen, and I'm not going to freak out over it.  I guess when you keep up to date, you're less likely to have it happen.
At this point of the year, I've begun mixing up collections to document the weeks.  I have a little Becky Higgins, and little Studio Calico, and a little Scraptastic Club all mixed up here.  I really like the colour combo though.

Sorry the blog hasn't been very active.  It's is very much a reflection on how I'm feeling these days.  I think I have the winter blues.  All this cold and snow (it's -40 Celcius with the windchill AGAIN today), and things at home being a little 'off' is just getting to me, and I find it hard to blog.  I've been sharing my dt work on the appropriate blogs, but my own has gone quiet.  I'm sure it won't stay like this, but I hope that for now, you'll please bare with me.

Happy Monday friends whatever is on your schedule for the day. Pin It


Leigh Penner said...

This looks great, Sherri! I took the plunge and started a PL project, but I'm only doing monthly spreads so I don't feel overwhelmed...
Sorry to hear that you feel down... I totally get that! I can't wait for Spring to arrive -- I'm so tired of winter!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I hope you come back to blogging more soon ... I miss you! I loveeeeeee your pages! LOVING the colors!!!

Anonymous said...

Adore adore. Now put a smile on that beautiful face! XOXO MUAH!