Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day friends!  

Do you celebrate this special day in your home?  If so, please share with me how you do it.  In our house there isn't a lot of fanfare.  For the past few years the girls have made little cards for their friends, and we've had make your own heart shaped pizzas in the evening.  This year things are a little different.  The girls aren't interested in handing anything out this year.  In the evening my oldest is having 4 friends over for the night, and my middle is off to her own sleep over, while the youngest is here with us.  With a house full of hungry kids I was thinking it may be easier just to make taco salad for supper.  But, now as I'm writing this, I think I'll surprise them and still do create your own heart shaped pizza.  They may be 14/15 years old, but somehow I'm thinking they'll still get a kick out of it.  And then cupcakes for dessert.  But to start the day my own girls will be getting their own little surprise.  

I made these cards with the fantastic Scraptastic February Feel Again Kit and Add On Kit.  

They will also each be receiving this bag I showed you the other day filled with these goodies.
(sorry the red background is so distracting) 
Candy, chocolate, sugar tubes, Valentine's Kleenex, a pencil, and a gift box full of heart shaped jujubes.
How cute are those heart shaped paper clips? I got a whole bag for $2 at our local grocery store.
(don't get me started on how one is not clipped properly, ugh!)  I used my Silhouette to cut out everything you see here.  This type of crafting I really don't mind.  I had some much fun cutting I kept it going with a couple of thank you gifts I need to give out today also.
I used a Silhouette cut file to cut the baskets out, and decorated them with odds and ends, and scraps I had around.  Topped them with a couple of cute VDay themed flair from {afliarforbuttons}, fill with raspberry Lindt truffles, and voila, all set. 

I also have a "love" type challenge up on the Scraptastic Blog.  It's an easy one too.  Here is a little sneak for you.
Think you can guess what the challenge is?  Hop over to the Scraptastic Blog to see the rest of my layout, and get the details for the challenge (if it's not up yet, please pop by later).  You have until March 5th to link up for your chance to win a $20 gift certificate from the store.

Thanks for stopping in today friends.  Have a wonderful weekend, however you decide to spend it. 
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

We are all going to see The Lego Movie tonight after a quick dinner :) I love love love the treats you made!! Soooooooooo cute! LOVING those little clips! And I think they will love the heart shaped pizza!!! Off to see your lo!!!!!

Michelle said...

Your challenge is a great one!! And your page is beautiful. I love the goodies for the girls and the other goodies boxes. I didn't make valentines for the kids, but bought them something. We don't usually give much attention to Valentines Day. But, I couldn't pass them up. A Yoda cup with candy (though the boy will be more excited about the cup than the candy) and a Minnie Mouse cup w/candy as my 15 yr old LOVES Disney World.

Ashley Horton said...

Great projects Sherri! We are low key on Valentine's too, and just let the kids do a party with some of our other homeschool friends.