Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's been pretty quiet around here....

Sorry I haven't been around much.  The arrival of Spring weather and miscellaneous activity has kept me busy (how's that for specific, lol).

What do you think of the new background?  I'm kinda digging the clean look, and sunflowers use to be my favorite flowers, so much so that they were my wedding flowers.  How about a few random tidbits from the past few days for today's post?  Here goes....

- Easter Service was wonderful.  Singing back up with the team was really fun actually, I was surrounded by gorgeous voices, but never felt any 'less than' as I use to in the past, they were all so welcoming, and fun.  Wish you could have heard the rendition of Shout Unto God we all did *sigh* it was gorgeous.  Here's how Hillsong did it live.
- Gave Miss Eden her first big girl bike on the weekend.  She did great, not one fall.  She and our little neigbour buddy rode around, and around the cul-de-sac.
- I went shopping for scrappy goodies on Monday.  Sharon at The Scrapbook Cottage is sincerely one of the sweetest people I've ever met.  I managed to hang out there with her for 2 hours browsing, shopping, and catching up with her.  A great way to spend a Monday afternoon.
- Purchased Miss Isabelle's grade dress for her upcoming Grade 6 Grad ceremony in June *gulp* I can hardly believe my baby will be going to Jr. High next year.  It's a sweet little thing that we found at Forever XXI.  We even found shoes to match at Payless.
- Had our first family bike ride tonight with the kiddos.
- I've just spent the past couple of hours on Shabby Blogs checking out how to make a prettier blog (for free).  I've discovered that I'm pretty much a computer illiterate,  So much to learn.
- I've been slacking on my quiet time, and bible reading.  Got get back in the groove.  (Perhaps if I spent less time trying to make my blog pretty I'd have more time for God)
- I planned on making wontons yesterday for wonton soup, but took the wrappers out of the fridge too early so they all melded together.  Meat is in the fridge.  I'll make a second attempt today.
- Made a Mother's Day card for my mother in law the other day. Love it.
- I've been playing Loser Like Me by the Glee kids over and over again, and loving it.  Do you think there's some hidden meaning?  On second thought, don't answer that :)  Check it out here.  Catchy right?
- Last night at Tap Class I was told how well I'm doing.  (I moved up from the Adult Beginner Class to the Advanced Class in Sept).  I wasn't sure I'd be able to catch up to their level before the recital, but I have.  I'm very proud of myself.  It's challenging, but oh so much fun.  I'll have to share pix of our recital costumes once we have them.

That's about it.  Really hoping to get more hours out of this day, dig into my new scrappy goodies, and get a layout done today.  I can't wait to break open my new Studio Calico grub.  Think: Clover & Bluegrass mists, wood veneer buttons, and butterflies, and Country side papers...

My Mind's Eye: Stella & Rose Collection.  Jenni Bowlin Butterfly, Imaginisce flower brad, assorted button, and ribbon

Have a good one friends,

♥ S. Pin It

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Pam said...

Beautiful card! I love your post...I took a blogger class on Jessica Sprague's site that was good and has tons of great blog spiffering up (?) information on it.

I love that you are taking a tap class! I danced for 12 years when I was younger and I think when Aislynn starts dance in the fall, I might sign up for the adult class that is at the same time!

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention about your comment on my running post...I am doing the couch to 5k program which starts you doing walk/run increments. You do it 3 days per week and each week you gradually increase how much you run and decrease the amount you walk. Perfect for a couch potato like me...I am just finished week 7 today and all my workouts this week had me running 25 minutes straight, which makes me feel amazing when I am done!

okay, enough rambling, ha ha...hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!