Friday, May 25, 2012

Where I've Been

I've mentioned before that my girls and I all dance competitively at KickIt Dance Studio, here in Winnipeg.  We love it.  We love the location, the studio layout, and especially the directors and all the teachers.  We consider it a real blessing to be involved in a sport that we all enjoy, and have teachers that respect both the sport and the dancers to the highest degree.  There is no mud slinging toward other studios, no scantily clad dancers young or old.  There is, however wonderful support and genuine care and nurturing of dancers by both the teachers and the older students toward the younger ones.  This sport is becoming quite involved for us as the kids get older.  We spend several hours a week at the studio, and during this time of year those hours increase in preparation for competition.  But it is so worth it.  My girls absolutely love to dance.  We really see them come alive as they practice and perform.  We will forever be indebted to Adam Boge for introducing us to his brother Rob, and sister-in-law Lori who have made KickIt a place that has become part of the fabric of our family.  So that's why I've been MIA over the past week and a bit.  The girls and I have been competing, competing, and competing some more in two different Dance Competitions.

As promised yesterday, I do have some photos to share with you.  These were all taken at the Canadian National Dance Championships (or CNDC as we call it).  The competition itself lasts for five days.  We were there 3 out of the 5.  The younger two performed all their dances on the first day, (which resulted in a 12.5 hour day at the Convention Center.  Long, but fun.  To be honest I prefer the long day over the back and forth we did the following two weeks for the Manitoba Dance Festival).  Isabelle competed the day after them, and I competed the day after her.

Théa competed in a Tap Small Group, a Jazz Trio, a Hip Hop Large Group, and a Jazz Large Group.  Eden competed in a Jazz Trio, as well as the same Jazz Large Group as Théa.  Isabelle competed for the first time in a Jazz Large Group this year.  I also competed for the first time in a Tap Large Group number.

This is the Tap Small Group number.  They danced to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.  Williams' parents are so committed, they actually went out and bought a second hand bugle just for these performances!  They received gold for this performance, and also won first place overall for their category.
Théa: far right

Eden's Jazz Trio danced to Pink Cadillac.  They were so cute on that great big stage.
Eden: center
They received High Silver
Théa's Jazz Trio danced to Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair
The received Gold
I competed in a Tap number to Miss Ottis Regrets.  It was such a blast.  We are 16 women and one gentleman in our group.  Our teacher choreographed a super fun, and fast number for us.  I think people just really enjoy seeing all us 'mature' dancers still enjoying the sport.
We even received a standing ovation after our performance.
Our performance earned us Elite Gold
 The younger two are in the same Jazz number, they performed to Greased Lightning, and earned High Silver
Théa front left, Eden front right

  The Hip Hop group dance was by far my favorite of all her dances this year.  Rob is a phenomenal choreographer, and has been recognized for it at the highest level of the sport.  These kids were such troopers.  This was the last of the 4 dances 3 of these kids had performed that day.  They took the stage at 10:35 pm, and brought the house down. Hoodies on Hats Low is such a fun song for this age group.  They received Gold for this performance.

Théa: front and center
And here is Isabelle's Jazz Group dancing to Fiesta.  It was a fun, Latin, celebratory feel kind of dance.  Just look at those jumps. 
They also received Gold
Isabelle is in the last back row, left side 2nd one in
So there you have it.  Three days of CNDC, and six days of festival; makes for a lot of dancing.  Next up is the end of the year recital, where we will be dancing one show on Friday June 15, and 2 shows on Saturday June 16, and then we close the book on Dance for this school year.  Like I said, we love it, so it is all worth it in the end.  The time, the money, the practice, and commitment have been so fulfilling as we've created some wonderful friendships that otherwise would not exist, and as we've seen our girls really grow and blossom into strong dancers.  It keeps them engaged, active, and busy which will eventually be a really good thing when, and if their friends end up gallivanting the streets and malls, looking for trouble, we'll know where girls will be.

Next week, it will be back to your regularly scheduled programing around here.  That includes an upcoming Blog Hop to begin on Thursday over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles.  There will be games, challenges, and lots of prizes up for grabs.  So be sure to check back for all the details.

I'll leave you with a layout I completed using the photos my kids took of me the night of our Tap Performance.  This layout also won me a Guest DT spot over at My Scrapbook Nook for the Member Inspiration Challenge.
Have a wonderful weekend friends, and thanks for taking a peek into my corner of the web today!

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Lilith Eeckels said...

Those photos are amazing. CONGRATS and I can hear you had an amazing time!!!! Gorgeous layout!

Bente Fagerberg said...

What gorgeous dance pictures and of course your so very pretty layout that I recognize from the NOOK: Congrats!

Tanya said...

LOVED all the pics! I have always loved to watch dance and have no doubt that all you girls danced your little hearts out!

Tara LeClaire said...

Loved seeing these pictures! So enjoying watching all the girls grow and develop as dancers. So excited for you and your competing as well!

danni reid. said...

oh my! these are fabulous, would've loved to have been there supporting all of you, looks like it was the best time, huge congrats on the gold too!!!

Marinette said...

Amazing pictures! Love them all♥♥ Congrats on the gold! I love love love your layout♥♥

So.Creative said...

Wow Sherri these photos are amazing!! It must have been a great show!
Love your layout, all those little details so fun!
Have a nice evening!

So.Creative said...

Wow Sherri these photos are amazing!! It must have been a great show!
Love your layout, all those little details so fun!
Have a nice evening!

Fleursbydesign said...

Amazing photos congrats on all your accomplishments, my son does hip hop and musical theatre so I know how much work it is.

Choup72 said...

great dance pictures!
and congrats!!!

antenucci said...

It's a gorgeous layout - love hearing all the dance stuff!

Diane Payne said...

All the dance photos are amazing! I bet it was a lot of fun to watch. Love your layout, the layered tags are fabulous and the while on wood!

Patricia Roebuck said...

I loved reading this. And love that you and the girls dance. Awesome, and congrats on your win with your group and foe the girls' wins! Congrats too on winning the sketch, I just love this layout!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

Oh how fun!!! I LOVE all of those photos - especially the hip hop one. :) How cool that you can enjoy that sport with your girls. Fun and exercise at the same time! Can't beat that. :)

teacher jessy said...

Congrats on all the winning from you and your girls!! What gorgeous photos!! Love that layout too. Congrats on your guest spot at the Nook :)