Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Insomnia leads to layout

For some reason I just couldn't fall asleep last night.  It's rare for me to suffer from insomnia, generally my head hits the pillow and I'm out with in a few moments.  Last night, rather than laying there staring endlessly at the ceiling, I got up and headed to my scrap table.  I had had this design floating around in my head for a few days, so it felt good to finally get it out on paper.  As it turns out the colours I had in mind matched up perfectly with the latest inspiration challenge over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles, a happy coincidence.  Here's what I came up with.

I have more scrappiness the share.  So check back soon.

Happy Tuesday friends Pin It


Lisa H said...

Great layout Sherri! I'm glad you joined in our challenge. If you couldn't sleep, at least you got to spend the time doing something fun & productive. =)

Jeannine said...

I wish my insomnia would lead to a layout! lol I don't feel creative when it's late at night so that will probably never happen with me, but glad it did for you!

I've been looking around a bit and really love your work!

Jeannine said...

I just got your reply on my blog where you said you responded to a reply I left on yours... I don't see a reply from you so if you'd like, we can communicate via email instead. I would love that! My email is jroughley1181@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon because there was more I was hoping to say on your blog but didn't want to post 4 paragraphs. lol The one thing I do want to say here is that you have a beautiful way with words. I just love reading your journaling on your pages. :)