Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Good Day

Today was that for me.

Began the day at the hair salon with Isabelle (the oldest) to have her hair relaxed. The frustratingly, time sucking routine that leagues of black women everywhere commit themselves to every 4-8 weeks - boo.

- Found manila shipping tags finally, and at a steal of a deal, yay!
- Visited with friends for an impromptu lunch on their deck
- Finally raked the front yard and got it all cleaned up and watered
- Visited with another friend for a few minutes while our girls jumped on the trampoline before supper
- Hubby returned home after a lifetime week away for work.  Even better he won Rookie of the Year, and will be joining over 30 other OnX employees on a trip to Ireland this coming September.
- Went for a bike ride with the girls.  Tried to fly kites, but the winds were not in our favor, so we played at the park instead.
- Now sitting down in a nice quiet house relaxing.

All is right in my world.  At least it is for now.

Just uploaded these today, I'd forgotten I'd taken them .  The melt my heart.

Eden in her Jazz Duo costume just before the competition.

Théa in her hip hop costume just before the competition.

And thought I'd share these two layouts I completed late last week.  I'm so happy with them.  I plan on using the one of my lovely friend Angela as a submission for the Creative Scrappers design team call.  My chances here are slim to none, as they have almost 2000 followers on Blogger, so I'm sure they'll be a mountain of amazing designers/bloggers submitting their layouts.  But, I'll never know if I don't try right?!

Made with Creative Scrappers sketch #155.  It's hard to see in this photo but I love the stitching around the top and bottom corners.

Made for a Challenge over at My Scrapbook Nook's virtual crop last week.

Thanks for stopping by.  I pray you're in the middle of a wonderful week also.

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Ronan said...

Your girls are so beautiful Sherri!! I love the scrapbook pages. I only wish I had an ounce of creativity in my body!! Alas, not my gift! =)

Pam said...

I LOVE those kind of days!!

And don't be tough on yourself...your page is beautiful and you are right, you won't get a spot if you don't try;)

Love the pictures of your girls too, they are just lovely!!

xoxo... t said...

LOVE the LO's!