Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Spring Break

It's been a fun, and busy week around here.  For starters we celebrated this girl's 9th birthday on Tuesday.
She's one of those people who won't let anyone forget it's her big day.  She starts reminding us about it at least 2 weeks prior to the day, and everything up until the big day revolves around it.  Here's an example.  Eden (her younger sister): "Théa is today Monday? Théa: "Well my birthday is tomorrow, and it's Tuesday, so what do you think?"  Umm "Whaaaa?  That makes absolutely zero sense.  That's my girl though, loves to be celebrated.  She chose to have the family go to Smitty's for supper that evening.  Here a few few pix:
Her big sis is totally in love with Justin Beiber, and  although Théa's not a huge fan, Isabelle thought it would be appropriate if she had him close to her heart every night :)  Look how thrilled she is, lol.

She was stoked to get the new Much Music Dance 2011 cd.   I love the expression on her face
And her very first pair of jeggings  (although only the top is visible in this shot)  They're cute too - purple.

She makes us so happy.  She's funny, smart, and curious about everything.  She loves to dance, play piano, and sing.  I can't wait to see where life takes this one.  I pray that Psalm 37:4 "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart" will be true for her all the days of her life.

On the scrappy front.  I spent a little while playing with the gorgeous March Kit from Scrapbook Nook yesterday afternoon.  This kit is so fabulous, I just want to lock myself up in my craft room and scrap every little itty bitty piece of it.  *sigh*  I made this layout of Isabelle with a friend in front of our old house on the first day of school.

Here's a card I made on Sunday for a dear friend who had surgery last week.  Inside was a gift certificate for Blockbuster to help the five weeks of bed rest pass a little more quickly.

We're heading off tothis mountain in a few hours for a week of skiing.

I'll likely not be posting anything new, but will be around the blog-ous-phere from time to time.

Have a wonderful Spring Break all,

♥S. Pin It


xoxo... t said...

I found you! Love your style :)
Have a great spring break!

Sasha Farina said...

heeehee.. she is so cute!! i am totally like that when it's my birthday too!! please tell her that!:P

Jessy Christopher said...

Happy belated bday to your girl! Love her facial expressions & I am sure she is still excited till this day! Love the layout, beautifully done!

Carol said...

totally gorgeous layout Sherri!!! I still can't get enough of that kit, I really want to pull it out again!

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! She is a cutie ;)