Friday, May 11, 2012

Week In The Life Album

**Photo Heavy Post**

I undertook Ali Edward's Week In The Life Challenge 2 weeks ago.  I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, given my epic fail with Project Life (although I still really want to try and catch up on that).  I was also leery about it,as it was the same week as the Dance Competition that the girls and I all participated in 3 days out of 5.  Enter the iPhone.  I really do love that fabulous little piece of technology.  It made it possible to have my camera on me at all times.  I probably took about 60% of my photos on the phone, and the rest were taken on my Canon Rebel.  Before I even began taking the photos I got together my papers, and a few little embellishments.  I chose the Simple Stories Fabulous line to work with.  Have you seen these new 6x8 albums?  They are great.  They make the undertaking of a project like this so much less intimidating.  Once I got all my photos printed, I chose my papers.  I had been saving up my Fabulous collection for my Project Life album, but decided to splurge, and use it on this project instead.  Now, I have an excuse to purchase the new collection for use in my PL (always thinking ahead).  Simple Stories is the perfect partner to a project like this, with so many perfectly sized journal spots.  Without further ado here's my completed album. 
(clicking on the photos will enlarge them)
The everyday little things
Dropping off and picking the girl up from school. 
Monday night Dance Class.  Last Hip Hop class before competition.
I journaled all about the my decision to join in WITL
The way the kitchen looks after the kids rush off, and I bring home groceries
First day of Competition, some costume photos
Journaled about our experience at KickIt Dance Studio and the Competition.
The pocket holds a sweet, and encouraging email from a friend
Isabelle's turn to compete
All about our Tap Group's Elite Gold winning performance
Documented about how this hobby of scrapping has enriched the photo/memories keeping tradition.
An all about me page
Sorry for all the glare on this one
Sunday: Belle waiting for her ride to volunteer at church, friends with their brand new baby boy
Photos of our Small Group having lunch on Sunday and the girls enjoying the nice weather
And that wraps it up.  The only thing I'll add to the back page is the email I received in response from Miss Ali Edwards herself.  I won a prize from Chic Tags during that week of documenting, and had to send her my contact info.  I just added a thank you for walking us through the process of documenting our week...and she actually replied.  How cool is that?!

Thanks for having a peek at my week, I hope you feel a little inspired to take on your own Week In The Life.  There are no rules it can be any week you choose.

Have a great day friends,

♥ S.

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pinkalishious said...

Oh wow, i love everything you did here, i may just have to have a go this "week in the life" of thing!! xx

Marinette-Scraptherapie said...

I love love love your project♥♥ And congrats for the prize you won!!

Lilith Eeckels said...

JUST love your mini. Still trying to keep up with PL but I think I'm going to stop. This seems a lot easier!

danni reid. said...

love, love, love this, amazing album my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Sherri, how fabulous is this album! I love eveyrthing you did with it, and what a great week to capture. So happy you completed it and love every bit of it :)

Michele H. said...

this looks absolutely wonderful! my witl album from last year is one of my favorites:)

found you by an ali tweet:)

Jeannine said...

Wow, Sherri, that album is amazing!! I love everything you did with it. Great job!!

Kate Vickers said...

Great album Sherri! Congrats on your dance wins. :)

Unknown said...

This is great! I think I may just have to try this myself :)

Bente Fagerberg said...

Your mini is truly fabulous. I love what you have done here. You are so deserving of Ali's attention!Also congrats on your other successes!

Patricia Roebuck said...

CONGRATS for the Ali Edwards email! That is so awesome. This is beautiful. Love the peek into your life.

Jennie M said...

that turned out fantastic! i have got to get to working on mine!

Amélie said...

love your project life!!!

Jessy Christopher said...

Such a beautiful album!! Congrats on winning at AE's blog :)

So.Creative said...

Oooh Sherri this is fabulous! I love everything about your week in a life! So wonderful!

Diane Payne said...

This is amazing! You captured some great memories that week!

Monique Liedtke said...

wow Sherri!! What an amazing album you created!! I adore it!!! I'll keep it in mind!

Danielle said...

You rocked that album, I love every little detail!
Ali rules! I've been lucky to met her once and participated in one of her workshops. She is so cute and friendly.