Friday, July 13, 2012

Pieces of Me

Happy Friday the 13th friends.  Hooray for the weekend!

I've been here, there and everywhere.  Isn't that just how it seems to be in summer?  Rather than bore you with all the details, and better than not checking in at all, I thought I'd give you a quick run down of what I've been up to.

Had a layout published in Scrap Street Magazine this month.  It's all about my current musings, and wishes for myself, and my family.  Although I cannot share it here yet, you can see if for yourself here.

Eden on "our beach"
 Been out to the lake once so far.  I still love going out there, but have to face the reality that the rest of my family only puts up with it for my sake, so we will be selling our trailer this summer.  It makes me a little sad, but I know we can relax just as much in the city if we're intentional about unplugging from time to time.

This girl got braces this week.  There's some correction that needs to happen to ensure she'll have strong, healthy, and beautiful teeth to last her a lifetime.

I finally dug into the Hunger Games series, and devoured the first book in one sitting at the lake (another reason why I love going out there so much).  I have finished the first two book, and will begin the third this weekend.

Had a movie night with D recently and went to see 21 Jump.  We laughed so hard.  It was the perfect movie for us, and our  quirky sense of humor.

 Bought this little beauty the other day.  It makes me happy every time I pull out my phone.

Sent in my photos and write up for my upcoming Feature Artist spot in Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. I'll keep you posted for when if finally comes out.

This gorgeous hose is only 3 short blocks from ours, and in a few weeks it will be home to one of my favorite people in the world.  I can't wait!

Teaching these layout classes next week.  Two in the afternoon.
a mini album right on the layout

all about pennants, punches, and pinwheels
 And two in the evening of July 19th.

All about layers and misting
 If you're one of my lurkers, and would like to try your hand at scrapping, I'd love to have you come out and join me. Call The Scrapbook Cottage to register.

Girls night out for dinner at Mongo's Grill
But, mostly I've been spending lots of time with these lovely ladies.  I do not take it for granted that I get to be home with them during their summer holiday.  It is wonderful thing watching them grow.

How about you?  Anything exciting happening in your corner of the world?

Thanks for popping by today, hope you are in for a wonderful warm weekend!

♥ S.

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Fleursbydesign said...

Your layouts are always so beautiful, love all the details.

Shellye McDaniel said...

WOW, Sherri! you have been one busy this blog entry with all of the photos. And the layouts are AWESOME! my fav is the one with the pinwheels...CUTE stuff :)

Amélie said...

Gorgeous layouts!

glorygirl said...

My goodness, Sherri! You have been busy! Your beach looks fantastic...I would miss it, too. Congratulations on so many scrappy blessings you've posted here. God has filled your cup, huh? So happy for you, friend!!! Hope your weekend ROCKS!

Unknown said...

beautiful pages - congrats on the scrapstreet pub

SorayaMaes (So.Creative) said...

Your layouts are always a pleasure for my eyes! Congrats for your publication in the magazine, love the long journaling!! Bisous!

Danielle said...

Hey busy woman :-)
Congrats on your pub, that layout is simply stunning girl! Love the workshops you're going to give, beautiful work!!

Carol said...

girrrllll!!!!!! your work is amazing!!!! your killing me with your awesomeness ;) Love your scrapstreet one...the handrighting, WOW! You are such a beautiful woman and it shows in everything you do. Enjoy those cute girls of yours too ;)

Isabelle said...

I'd love to be closer. I'd definately would take one or two of your classes!!

Tara LeClaire said...

YAY! Love your layout as always and... are you talking about me with the house? Cause it's the wrong one, BAHAHA! And if you're not, I feel really dumb right now. But still so excited we will be living so close to eachother!!!

Cara G said...

Congratulations on the Scrap Street thing...your layout is awesome! I just love your fun style & the rest of the layouts you shared!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Great catch up Sherri.
-cute photos of the girls
-if you liked the Hunger games trilogy, I have heard that Matched and Divergent are first books in other great series reads along this line
-do you remember the original 21 Jump street TV series? I use to watch it. looking forward to seeing this one.
- You have great taste my friend... I love love love your case! Paisley is a fav.
- wow you go girl in the teaching area! Great layouts and alliteration in your class titles! Hope they go well!
-The girls d you are so adorable! Love spending time with my dd in the summer too. They grow so fast. sigh...

Take care!)

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Forgot to add, huge congrats on the pub in Scrap Street and look forward to the featured artist in SNR!:)