Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Telephone Scraplift

Do you remember playing the game telephone as a child? 

You know the one where you sit in a circle, and one person comes up with a short phrase, whispers it into the ear of the person next to them.  That person in turn, whispers what they heard to the person next to them, and so on, until the phrase reaches the last person in the circle.  That person then blurts out what they heard.  It is rarely ever the same phrase that began the game, but a lot of fun along the way.  That is what we did recently over at the Scrapping Everyday Miracle.

We used the Facebook Group to play, actually.  If you haven't yet joined up over there, you are missing out.  It is such a friendly, supportive, inspiring place to hang out with the privacy of being a private group.  Ladies share about their every day lives, from the scrappy to the sad, to the very exciting.  Just give me a shout if you're having trouble getting an invite and I will hook you up.

Here is the layout that began it all.  My dear friend Wendy  created this beauty.  It was used by both teams to start us off.

Roulien's was the first person to play on our team, and her is the layout she created using Wendy's as inspiration.  Notice how she kept the disposition, and number of photos pretty much the same, but tweaked a few things to make it her own.
I only saw Roulien's layout, and this is what I came up with as my design.  Again I kept the same disposition, but shifted the balance and added a little bit of my own take also.
Using Echo Park Times & Seasons papers from My Scrapbook Nook November Kit

This was the first time we've played this game over at SEM, there were two teams of twelve.  We all enjoyed it, and I know there's already talk of doing another one.

On a shopping note, Let's Capture Our Memories is still offering some crazy sales.  Like Bo Bunny, including new product is marked down to 60% off.  There is still a great selection available.  Head over here to see what I mean. Discounted product + reasonable shipping = Great Deal.

It's dark and dreary again here today.  I'm off to volunteer at the school once again (almost seems like I've been living there the past 2 weeks).  They put on a wonderful triathlon event for the kids from Grades 3 through 6, and it takes a small army of volunteers to make it happen, so I'll be standing in the rain on the corner of Freeman, and King's drive.  If you're in the neighbourhood feel free to swing by and say hi :)

Happy Wednesday friends,

♥ S. Pin It


Patricia Roebuck said...

I love what you did with this challenge and it sounds like so much fun. I hope the day gets dryer and the triathlon at school goes well, so sweet that you do that! Have a good one!

Maja Stokk / eyovine said...

Cool =)

Fleursbydesign said...

Great layout love the idea of the game :)

Pam said...

These sorts of scrap-lifts are so fun!! I adore what you did with your lift. I love how you left the middle picture as black and white. Awesome work, lady!

Have a wonderful weekend!