Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger

That's me, I know. 
Is anyone out there? 
I don't blame you if you've stopped dropping by. 
I am very sorry.  Life has been really hectic around here over the past few weeks.  I realize I've said that before, but it really is a busy season.  No one ever told me that it doesn't necessarily get easier as the kids get older.  The reality is that it simply gets different.  Less diapers, but more driving.  Less diaper bags, but more Dance and piano bags.  Less being stuck at home with little ones, but more driving to and from with big ones.  You get the picture.  This past week was the busiest I can remember in a very, very long time.  We had three consecutive nights of dance recital, Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday I was out doing errands all day, then catching up on housework all evening.  Today, out again all day, all three girls had somewhere different to be between 5 and 7.  I had three places to be between 6 and 6:15.  Everyone is now starting to arrive home, and then it will be bed time for all of us.  I've been thinking about posts to publish, and photos to share.  It's all in my head though.  There's just not enough time to get it all out.  I think it'll be like this until school lets out on June 29th.  I hope you're willing to stick with me through it.  How about a few photos?

Around here:
We celebrated this girl's 8th b'day on Monday.  She wanted this monkey so bad when we saw it back in January.  Little did she know I bought it back then, and have been hiding it for 6 months. 

Coco her new furry BFF

Eden choose to celebrate by going out for breakfast bright and early before school.  Mom and Dad Funk are so awesome that they even drove into the city to surprise her and join us.  (Not sure why Darwin looks so mad here, I know he's not really.)
This is the place we call home.  I'm planning on tackling the pitiful landscaping in a couple of weeks.  A complete overhaul is desperately in order.  I've hired help so I get it done right the first time.
Dance related:
I picked up pre-registration packages for me and the girls tonight.  All together they are eligible to register for a total of 13 classes combined.  That will not be happening, but it'll probably be close .
My Tap Class.  We rocked it on Recital Night!  Don't we look great?!  Next year, it's been decided that we will officially become the Adult Competitive Tap Class *yikes*  I had so much fun with these ladies this year, so glad I moved up from the beginner class.
Théa's Ballet 2 Class.  How cute were those costumes?
Isabelle's Jazz 3 Class.  She did so well in her first year that she's been asked to join the Intermediate Competitive Jazz class.  Exciting stuff, except for the fact that she'll now have to take Ballet as well (a stipulation for all Competitive Jazz classes)
Eden & Théa's Tap Class.  This routine was incredibly cute.

On our day off last week we checked out the newly opened Nature Playground.  It is a spectacular place for kids ages 6 months to 12 years.  Eden even agreed to let us host her birthday party there next weekend. 

We took my spare daughter Kendi along with us for some fun.
Look at that face.  This is the steepest slide I've ever seen at a playground.

Additional shots:
I was so pleased Isabelle agreed to pose for just a few shots in front of these giant tulips.  I can't wait to scrap this one.  I want to use a verse I read today on the layout.  It's this: “You’re beautiful from head to toe, my dear love, beautiful beyond compare, absolutely flawless.” Song of Solomon 4:7b (MSG)

Photo courtesy of little Miss Kendi.
I can't imagine my life without these young ladies.

On the scrappy front...
Remember that Random Card Swap happening at The Nook, that I spoke of in an earlier post.  Well here's the kit Michelle sent me to work with:
 And here's what I created with it by adding a few of my own elements...
An end of the year thank you card for our piano teacher.

A birthday card for Eden

A tag bookmark for me :)

Okay, so that was a lot of photos hope it makes up for my absenteeism.  So happy you made your way back here.

Have a great weekend all. Pin It


Becky said...

great pictures!
you are one busy do tend to make life full (and fulfilling!). :)

Kimberly*Schaus said...

they are great pics. i cannot believe how big your girls are. i don't even remember the last time i saw you??? do you???
isabelle is such a beautiful mix of you and darwin, and the other girls seems to be just their own pretty little selves.
love to you and your family sherri. come down to kentucky some time we would love to have you.