Monday, June 30, 2014

How To Make The Memories Last

Life sure has a way of getting full, and getting busy, and getting away from us doesn't it?  That is exactly how it has felt around our home for the past several weeks, ever since February to be exact.  The combination of going back to work part time, after 8 years at home, and 3 kids in 16 competitive dances with our Dance Studio made for a fun-filled, jam-packed, constantly on-the-go last 4 months.
My Moments In Between Album needs some serious catch up.  I decided that since I am 12 weeks off schedule that I would start with the most recent week, and work my way back from there.  Maybe.  Another thought I had was that, ultimately I would prefer to have each week chronologically documented in my album, but NOT if I start to feel burdened by getting it all done. I have all my photos organized and ready to go, but if I don't ever make it back the the 2nd week of March, I've decided that I am going to be okay with it.  Documenting our life as a family is so much more about "the moments in between" that it is about any rules I'm tempted to make about the process.
Left side
Here is a snapshot of our week: June 8-14, using craft supplies from the Scraptastic Club June This Life Noted Kit. From hijacked iPhone selfies, to Dance Recital and Year End carnival, a friend's Art Show for her students, to Eden's 11th birthday, and even a little home "tattoo" session, it's all here, documented to last.
The sweet encouragement note I received from my friend after performing with my Adult Tap group, just had to have a place in this weeks pages.
Right side
I intentionally include a lot of handwritten journaling in my album, I think it really adds a personal touch for those who may enjoy looking at these snapshots of our life long after I'm gone.  
Adding details like stitching to my pocket pages makes them feel more like me, I like the dimension, and visual interest it adds, just like in my regular scrapbooking pages.
I love that Eden filled out her own "right now" card listing a few of her current favourites.
Because there was so much going on during this week, there were many photos to fit in.  To get them all in, I added a little insert (using some Simple Stories page page protectors) especially for Eden's birthday photos.
Not pictured here, is the second insert I added that hold the Dance Recital program from the last performance.  I think it will be fun to look back in a few years and remember the dances they did this year, and the friends with whom they performed.

It's weeks like this that make me wonder about putting together another Shutterfly photo book like the ones I did here, of our trip to Steamboat Colorado a fews years ago, and a Summer one I created back in 2009.
I've been thinking especially about putting together a Dance specific book. I literally have hundreds of photos from this year alone.  Three competitions, and 3 recitals in 2 months naturally result in a lot of photos of each of the girls in all of their Dance costumes, performing, and candids of them hanging out with their friends pre/post performance.  I really think they deserve a special place all their own.

I'll have more Moments In Between pages to share with you all soon.  Until then, thanks so much for stopping by today friends. Pin It


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are gorgeous! I am loving the photos and the colors!!

Miriam Prantner said...

Wonderful pages. I love all those fun journaling cards! I think Shutterfly books are great...while I love to scrapbook I definitely can't do it all, and they are definitely a huge help with the backlog!

Lynn said...

I love your pages Sherri. It's so nice to see "real" life documented. And I'm glad your not feeling guilty about doing it week to week. It's about memories not stress.

Leanne said...

love your PL spreads and your photos books!

MichelleMc said...

Oh I love your "between" pages, Sherri! I started PL this year and it seems as soon as I'm caught up I fall behind again.