Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Day of CHA

I learned a couple of things for sure on this trip to CHA.

1. Cha, as in cha-cha-cha is how I pronounce it, and several of my local friends pronounce it the same way.
2. C-H-A is how most of my American friends pronounce it.  Who knew?
3. This was the last Summer show to be held.  There are changes coming next year, a travel show is one of the options being talked about for the new Craft & Connect show.  New name, new venue, new vision.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend this one.
4. I really needed my SLR camera.  Although I can manage to take pretty decent photos with my iphone, not everyone is able to do the same.  I should have learned after my last trip to Vegas, but I didn't so I once again I have many, many blurry photos.  It's sad.   If I ever get another opportunity to attend a C-H-A event, I'll bring a proper camera for all these inside pix that I want to be in.
5. The last thing I learned, or at least that is evidently clear is that I am way more about people than I am about product.  Although I saw a lot of great new product, I failed to take many photos of it.  Most of my photos are of the people I have come to care very much about through Instagram, and Facebook. I'm not surprised really, if you know anything about me at all, it's that I love people.  I love getting to know about all the little things that make people tick, and all the experiences that got them to where they are today.  So meeting people was bound to take center stage during the Trade Show.  By the way if you're looking for a great blog post (or 2 actually) showcasing lots, and lots of product you should pop over here to my friend Julie's blog.  She was a CHA photo taking superstar.

The People:
First and foremost, this friendly giant just needed to have his photo taken with me, haha.  I usually stand on my tip toes to make myself look less short, but in this case, it really was futile.  He was very friendly, however, although he did ask if I was from Ca-nah-dah.  Hahaha.
The lovely and always warm and friendly Catherine of Scrapbook & Cards Today.  I was so glad to have run into her.  Another bonus of a smaller show.
The Scrapbook Nook crew: Shelley, Carol, Anabelle, and myself.  The Nook may have closed a year ago, but we will always be Nook girls at heart.
So great to meet Julie in person.  Love her blog, she's the one you should see if you want more product images.
The hilariously funny Leah L'Orange.  Oh this girl is like a breath of fresh air, so fun and lively.  I kinda felt like we should have met a long time ago.
The oh so adorable Suz Mannecke - have you noticed that many feel the need to crouch when they take a photo with me.  It's embarrassing, I often forget how short I really am.
My sweet, sweet, super talented (as in she's on so many BIG name DTs) friend Shellye, with the super popular Heidi Swapp.  She's not only talented, but really lovely too.
So happy to have connected with this woman Kate Swanson of Art Impressions (I just love how IG brings people together)
After a few times missing this girlie, we finally connected just before the end of the show.  We were likely the only 2 Funks in the whole place.

These next few photos were taken with my new friend Lea Lawson's camera.  See the difference.
That's Lea in the midldle, she works with Glitz Design, lucky girl

Introducing my friend Carol - Photo Bomber Extraordinaire, lol

These were all taken at the very end of the show, as I'm sure you can probably gather.
The Product

This My Mind's Eye Cut & Paste line is even cuter in person than it is in the pic

Teresa Collins' release was super cute.  
Just love this colour combo.

Fancy Pants has totally taken me by surprise.  They have really evolved.  I really liked every single release. 

These letters are perfect!  Right in between the micro mini Lily Bee Design ones, and the great new BasicGrey ones.  Great colours too.
Aren't those tags and flair awesome?!

Wasn't their booth just adorable?  
My dear friend Amy rocks their products.  They are lucky to have one another.

I've been saying for about 2 years that someone needs to come out with a woodgrain heart stamp.  I guess Kristy and her hubby of Some Odd Girl stamps herd me from all the way up here.
Loved this little set, perfect for PL

Met Stephanie of Bella.  Seriously she was so sweet.  And the first of all the big manus to know exactly which DT member did which layout for her.  Really cute collections coming out soon. 

Okay, that's all I have.  I really don't know how anyone gets to every single booth.  And this was the small show too.  If I ever have the opportunity to go again, I'm going to have to go armed with a plan.

I have one more post to share with you as far as CHA goes.  It'll be devoted to my friend Carol and her sweet family.  I was so fortunate to be hosted by them for the duration of CHA.  I'd love for you to meet them too.

Thanks for following along with my CHA experience.  Especially if you've made it through this post.

Have a great day all,

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are sooooooo sweet!! I am SO HAPPY we met!!!! I am loving all the photos!! I hope someday we can meet up again!!!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

It was so fun getting to meet you! I love this blog post, as I'm all about the people at the show, too! Love that you took a pic of the security guy. LOL. :) You are so funny.

MelB said...

Love reading this and seeing all those lovely faces! Glad you had so much fun!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kristy said...

It was super nice meeting you at the show Sherri! I totes agree about Leah, she's one kick ass person :)

Chelsea said...

It looks like you rocked that place! Great photos!

Unknown said...

Loved being at CHA with you, even if it was vicariously though your pics on Instagram. Looks like you had an amazing time!!

Lee-Anne said...

What a great experience. Maybe some day you can show me the ropes and we could go to CHA in Anaheim. :)

Debbie P said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love your photos! The one with the gentle giant cracks me up! I thought he was a cut out at first! So fun!

Ashley Horton said...

You did get some great pics, Sherri! And I'm like you...if I attended, I would be more interested in meeting all of my scrappy friends. You can see all the product online, anytime! :) Love that photo of you and Leah...she is so funny!

Rochelle Spears said...

Love your pictures! It was great meeting you! :)

stephanie T said...

Loved seeing all the happy faces in your wonderful pics! I am only 4'9" so totally understand about the people bending down thing. lol CHA looks like an amazing experience!! xx

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Looks like you had loads of fun, Sherri! Thank you for sharing your photos. I can't wait for packages of new scrappy goodness to arrive at my house. :)

Unknown said...

SO glad we got the chance to meet in person, & hoping for more fun scrappy events in the future ;) Keep in touch girly! xoxo

Unknown said...

Awesome pics, I am still sooooooo jealous! Hoping to make the next show, and hoping YOU CAN GO TOO!

Leigh Penner said...

What a fabulous opportunity you had, Sherri! I'm so jealous!!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

So cool that you got to meet so many scrappy friends. Fab photos and looks like it was an amazing experience. You are so fortunate.:)

Loredana said...

wuauuuuuu I hope to be there next january!!!! absolutely!!!!!

Unknown said...

you know what's funny? i pronounce it C-H-A, and until i met you, had never event thought of pronouncing it CHA! ;)