Thursday, June 13, 2013

Double Digits!

Celebrating this girl today.
xx waking up to 10 years old xx
When you look up the meaning of her name, the definition is "full of life".  There is no better way to describe this baby of mine.  She brings so much light and life into our family.  She arrived on scene earlier than expected and never lets us forget she's around.  She's full of passion for life and all that comes with it.  Sometimes that passion comes out in the form her compassion, and empathy for those around her, and sometimes is comes out in frustration and disapproval with those around her, haha.  She is the full spectrum of emotion and although it requires directing and reigning in from time to time, we wouldn't have it any other way.  She is the girl who makes friends everywhere she goes.  People, big and small love to be around Eden.  That "life" in her draws others toward her.  She is a loyal friend who wears her heart on her sleeve.  I adore this girl with all my heart.  And am overjoyed to be celebrating her life today.  She was the gift I never knew I wanted.  She has taught me so much about myself, as I see my own character traits play out in her, it makes me aware of the things in myself that are pure, and full of love, and the not so great things that still need the loving and moulding hands of my Creator to refine in me.  Through her I am growing, and learning as a mother and a friend.  

Happy, Happy Birthday Eden!  Thank you for completing our family, and for bringing so much passion, and life with you.  Daddy and I love you more than the sun, and the moon, and the stars in the sky!
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Leslie Germain said...

Happy Birthday to your 10 year old girl. She is beautiful! My girl turned 10 in January.

Ashley Horton said...

Happy Birthday to your pretty girlie, Sherri!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy birthday!!!!